Sunday, 22 January 2017

Competition time

People who received a Christmas Card from the Mayor were asked if they could identify where this tree is.  A generous prize was offered.  As yet there are no takers.

Festive Period - and into the New Year

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It's high time I recorded this period, otherwise we'll forget how busy it was!  Samuel Pepys managed to write a regular diary, after a day administering the Royal Navy and evenings getting up to all sorts of adventures.
Clearly there are lots of ways where I fail to emulate the famous diarist!

Where were we? The day after the Quiz Night We were at the Forest School - a very special place - and had a really jolly time.  The next day, the Knaresborough Community Centre pushed the boat out, and we had a great lunch, plus Bingo.

The week concluded with a concert at HIC - in its big auditorium, with choirs from all the primary schools in Knaresborough, and our Harrogate neighbours.  We have run out of superlatives.  A very memorable occasion.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Mayor's Quiz Night Fundraiser - 12 December

This event's preparation has been a bit of a preoccupation in our spare moments during recent weeks.  Will anyone come? Will we make any money? Will people enjoy themselves?
Now it's over, we can say 'yes' on all counts.
Over 90 people came, with the Chair of N Yorkshire Council, The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Harrogate and the Mayor of Ripon,  all in attendance with their partners.
We made a net figure for the charities of at least £1240
The contest was hard fought, with the 'chain gang' graciously winning the booby prize. 
Many, many thanks to those who contributed to the fun!

A week of seasonal activity

There as been quite a lot going on in recent days.  Here are the diary entries:
  • Saturday 3 December:  Manor House Care Home open day
  • Phantom of the Opera, Rotary Fundraiser at  Queen Ethelburga's
  • Tuesday 6 December:  Advent Service with the Guides
  • Wednesday 7 December: Shanties, Songs and Teas at the Friendship and Leisure Club
  • Thursday 8 December: Advent service, Henshaw's Style
  • Saturday 9 December 8 am Packing and distributing gifts with Knaresborough Lions and Rotary
  • Knaresborough Choral Society Concert
  • Sunday 11 December: Studio 3 Dancers - Christmas Lunch and performance

Christmas Tree Festival - Sustainabilly-tree!

St John's Church has hosted the Christmas Tree Festival for three years now. It was suggested that the Mayor put in a tree this year.  Not wanting to flinch at the challenge, we prepared a version of the sort of 'tree' we normally have.  A bit bigger than our usual effort
 Each tree was given a name - in our case, we chose Sustaina-Billy-tree. Well, we thought it was funny!
The 'tree' was a pruning Shan found on a skip; all the decorations were home made or re-cycled in some way, and the gifts at the bottom, either Fair Trade or charity shop purchases