Friday, 8 February 2019

Saturday, 13 May 2017

One week to go!

Now in the final week of this truly memorable year. The last three months have continued the pleasurable duties expected of the Mayor and Mayoress - representing our unique community in a kaleidoscope of settings (I'm sure to have used that metaphor before!), as little dots in a box in the Royal Hall while the youth orchestras  of the Region perform, or attending the opening of a new shop in Castlegate, competing with the bling of the Town Crier.

Saturday 26 February Lions, 100 Anniversary dinner at the Harrogate Golf Club.  This was the start of a mini-lecture series - in my mind, at least.  And we chose this occasion to share a little of the experiences (particularly in E Africa) which have been most influential in our thinking.

Number two was on Wednesday I March, the Knaresborough Chamber AGM where I described the government funded project we had conducted into the possible impact of ethical business practices on world poverty. See our web site

Then, as number three in the series, the annual Town Meeting on 6 March offered the chance of a review of the year so far. We were pleased it was well attended, and I rounded up the 'series' with a local dimension. We also gave Henshaws the chance to showcase their work.  Not only do we represent Knaresborough to others, but be find ourselves introducing places like Henshaws (for example) to the Town, as local memory needs constantly to be refreshed about the treasures we have within our walls, so to speak.

I don't think anyone other than Shan and me attended all three events, so, if there was a thread, no-one would have followed it! However, it gave us a chance to hang the whole thing together with some coherence.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Setting the course

On 19 Jan I attended a meeting at Cedar Court Hotel in Harrogate which set the focus of the Mayor's activities for the next three months - and prevented our having enough time hardly to eat!
The meeting was to announce the impending "Le Tour de Yorkshire", a three day cycle race, with Knaresborough being on the route during the second day, 29 April.  Foolish Mr Mayor made a commitment at the Cedar Court meeting to organise arrangements in support for the Saturday. The poster (above) was  ready just on week later! (Congratulations, Simon) And this was instrumental in engendering a mood of eager anticipation.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Competition time

People who received a Christmas Card from the Mayor were asked if they could identify where this tree is.  A generous prize was offered.  As yet there are no takers.

Festive Period - and into the New Year

Image result for samuel pepys

It's high time I recorded this period, otherwise we'll forget how busy it was!  Samuel Pepys managed to write a regular diary, after a day administering the Royal Navy and evenings getting up to all sorts of adventures.
Clearly there are lots of ways where I fail to emulate the famous diarist!

Where were we? The day after the Quiz Night We were at the Forest School - a very special place - and had a really jolly time.  The next day, the Knaresborough Community Centre pushed the boat out, and we had a great lunch, plus Bingo.

The week concluded with a concert at HIC - in its big auditorium, with choirs from all the primary schools in Knaresborough, and our Harrogate neighbours.  We have run out of superlatives.  A very memorable occasion.