Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Diary for Referendum Week

If the grandchildren want to know what we were doing at the time of the Referendum - here is the diary
  • Monday 20 June: Town Council - key feature, the continuing discussions about the allotments contact. One minute silence for Jo Cox.  "Jo Cox's senseless murder throws into sharp relief the work we are doing here.  Our democratic institutions, from Parliament down to Town and Parish Councils have evolved in order to make decisions which affect the community, without the need to resort to violence. This crime is a challenge to those principles. Our deepest sympathies go out to her husband, children and family."
  • Tuesday 21 June: had my ears syringed.  I mention this personal event as, if the job had been done earlier, it may have improved my chances of chairing more effectively the meeting the evening before!
  • Wednesday 22 June: Events Committee - fully in command of my hearing.
  • Thursday 23 June: Referendum - Shan and I vote Remain.
  • Friday 24 June:  Tea Party in support of Aspin Pond.  A moment of sanity in a mad world.
  • Saturday 25 June: Prize-giving at Queen Ethelburga's. Ben Fogle was the star turn.  Quite a story about rowing the Atlantic with James Cracknell.

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