Sunday, 22 January 2017

Festive Period - and into the New Year

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It's high time I recorded this period, otherwise we'll forget how busy it was!  Samuel Pepys managed to write a regular diary, after a day administering the Royal Navy and evenings getting up to all sorts of adventures.
Clearly there are lots of ways where I fail to emulate the famous diarist!

Where were we? The day after the Quiz Night We were at the Forest School - a very special place - and had a really jolly time.  The next day, the Knaresborough Community Centre pushed the boat out, and we had a great lunch, plus Bingo.

The week concluded with a concert at HIC - in its big auditorium, with choirs from all the primary schools in Knaresborough, and our Harrogate neighbours.  We have run out of superlatives.  A very memorable occasion.

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